The Lower Federal Court Confirmation Database. 1977-2004

The Lower Federal Confirmation Database contains information on nominations to Article III district and circuit courts from the beginning of 1977 through the end of December 2004. The original database was created at the behest of the Constitution Project's Courts Initiative (formerly Citizens for Independent Courts) by Wendy L. Martinek, Binghamton University. This is the third update to that original database. Based on the feedback provided by users of the original database, the database has been split into two files: one containing the data related to senatorial processing of nominations and one containing the data related to presidential processing of nominations. All documentation is provided in Adobe pdf format.

The two files are available in excel format, and have been included (along with the codebook in pdf format) in a single zipped file to reduce download time. If you do not have a program (such as WinZip or PKZip) please click here to download free zip software . Additionally, some Mac users may require the program Stuff-It Expander to open the datasets. If you do not have this program, please click here . Finally, all documentation is provided in Adobe pdf format. To get a free version of Adobe Acrobat please click here .

Last Update: May 23, 2005

Zip File (datasets are .xls files and codebook is a .pdf file)