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Election Results Archive

The Election Results Archive (ERA) is a collection of electronic files containing data on election results from around the world.

While the growth of democracy around the world has led to increased demand for information on electoral results, accurate election-related data are not easily or widely available. This online database provides researchers, policy-makers, scholars, and others interested in elections with information on over 900 elections from around the world.

In designing this data Archive, we have had to make several decisions about the types of election-related information we provide. To keep this project manageable, we have established some limits on the elections to be covered initially in the Archive. The most important include:

Types of Elections:
We have included results for presidential and national legislative elections.

The Archive currently contains election results from 134 countries that have met a minimum threshold of democratic performance (at least 5.5 on Freedom House ratings and at least 6 on University of Maryland Polity III / IV rankings for the year in which the elections took place).

Dates of Elections:
The ERA contains results back to 1974, This date was selected because it is frequently cited as a beginning point of the recent phase of democratic expansion (democratic elections in Greece and Portugal). More election data will be added to this Archive as time and resources permit.

We hope that you find this Archive useful. In the future, we plan to expand the Archive, both in terms of the amount of information we provide and the ways in which it can be accessed. We welcome your feedback and comments. Contact Us.

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